The HYROX Family

One HYROX Community

One HYROX Community

Our goal at HYROX is to create a global movement of like-minded people, who all share the same passion of community, fitness, competition and a healthy lifestyle.

Our community is one of a kind and has been at the very heart of the rapid growth of HYROX all around the world. The HYROX Family is what unites us all, whether you are an athlete, a supporter, a volunteer, a judge or a partner gym.

The #Hysociety

Experience the extraordinary feeling of crossing the finish line and being welcomed into the #HYSOCIETY. Many HYROX athletes travel long distances to participate in events around the world, explore new cities and spend time with the HYROX community. Already more than 100.000 athletes can call themselves HYROX Finisher in the last season only – the trend is rising!